Lucency needs you support in

Hey guys/gals I have decided to trail blaze my way through UE4. Let’s be honest sometimes it is the only way to learn. It’s pretty overwhelming but luckily I have all you good people to lean on. I will try to keep my questions to a minimum, but will post all my questions in this thread so I do not start a bunch of different threads for my issues. Thank you

I am currently trying to toggle a point light on/off. The issue is I cannot find “Toggle visibility” due to the fact I am watching tutorials of older versions of UE4. Does anyone know what the new executable action is?

I am able to use the Toggle Visibility node in the latest version of UE4 (4.8.3). Uncheck Context Sensitive and then try to search for it. Also, I HIGHLY recommend that you DO make new threads for your problems, it is unlikely that the forum go-ers are going to keep coming back to this thread to help you, and your problems won’t help anyone if they can’t find the right threads (nobody is going to search “Lucency needs you support in” when looking for help with a point light).

Ok I will start a thread each time. I just felt if I’m asking multiple questions a day it would become annoying? I will do as you ask though. Doesn’t make a difference to me I’m just new and want to respect the unwritten rules. :slight_smile:

Hopefully the pictures below will better explain my issue.

The right side shows the tutorial. The left side is me typing in VISI for visibility.

Again the right is the tutorial, but on the left when I type in toggle I get nothing?

WAIT you said UN-check!!! Ok I think I got it thank you so much!

Another question. In the tutorial when he clicks on toggle visibility the point light automatically comes up. Mine does not. I have it selected but only toggle visibility comes up. I then go to target on toggle visibility and add point light component, but it gives me an error? What am I doing incorrect here?

It can’t toggle visibility of the light because the light is never added (meaning the light it tries to toggle is non-existent), you have to connect the execution pin of the ‘Add Point Light Component’ to something, probably the ‘Event Begin Play’.

I don’t understand why the light is not added. I did see that my blueprint was incorrect so I made it exactly like he has it.
Why is it then when I select the point light, then in blueprint it does not automatically come up when I toggle visibility? I have watched the tutorial 5 times to make sure I am doing the same thing. For him point light automatically comes up? I seem to have an exact copy of what he is doing the only issue I see is he automatically gets point light and am lost trying to guess if I have the correct point light?

I feel like my major issue is not knowing how to direct blueprint to my specific actor(ie point light)… Thanks

It doesn’t matter if you have a node like ‘Add Light’ if you are not connecting the execution pin (the white input with the arrow symbol). Since you already have a point light in your level, make sure the point light in the level is selected, and then right click in your blueprint and look for something like ‘Create Reference to PointLight’, that should give you the little node that he has in the video.

Ok after reading your post a few times and re-watching the tutorial I think I found my issue. He even explains my exact issue will take place if the actor is not checked when I enter blueprint, but my actor is checked… I do not see an option of ‘Create Reference to PointLight’, anywhere.

Here is where I think I am wrong. I think I am entering blueprint in the wrong place. Because even when I delete the actor and try to start fresh my blueprint remains. Correct me if I’m wrong but I may actually be making a class blueprint with out knowing it or in the wrong screen?

Let’s re-look at my initial action. If I click and highlight my target. Where is the best place to create that actor’s blueprint? What dropdown should I use to create the blueprint that will work directly with my clicked actor.

Thank you for your patience Jamendxman3!

I should also add that he has a level blueprint tab at the top of his screen which I do not have.

The fact that he has a level tab shouldn’t matter, they just renamed it since an old version of the engine. Let me just make it clear that you can only make a reference to an object in the level if you are in the level blueprint (which you are), do you have more than 1 level? This may be the source of your issue if the actor is placed in the wrong level.

You should be able to just drag and drop the light from the level into the blueprint to get a reference.

Also I wanted to make a note about the whole “uncheck context sensitive” bit. The advice wasn’t wrong and is sound, but I see people throwing that around all the time even going so far as to say things like “Just always turn that off” or “You HAVE to turn it off to do this…” which is really misleading. The reason people almost always have this problem is because the engine is showing you thing that relate specifically to the pin you are dragging, but many people don’t pay any attention to what they are dragging ore don’t care. If you want to see options that are applied to a light, then drag a pin off a light. If you get into the right mindset of always dragging pins off the relevant bits, you will find your Blueprint experience to be much smoother and more fun.

Oh thank you… I made my first blueprint… I’m pretty sure blood was flowing out of my sweat haha.

The last week I spent building a level with a bunch of different options to place my objects in. I must have done something screwy to it. So after reading your last post I created a new project and started from scratch. It worked… I will now try to experiment and see what I can do. Thank you Jamendxman3. I have done some difficult things in my life (Flew helicopters for a few years) but learning UE4 is up there haha. Thanks!

Agreed, I have helped quite a few people out via Skype with a shared screen, and a lot of them always have ‘Context Sensitive’ unchecked, you should only uncheck it if you know that something should be there, it will save you a lot of time and headache if you leave the box checked.