LPV Glare

I’m making a project for a client, and my screen gets filled with glare and bloom for no reason. When I turn off the LPV, I no longer have this bug. But when I turn LPV back on, it just fills the screen and looks horrible. It disappears when I toggle HUD elements, but it keeps coming back. The project involves changing tiles in a viewer, and there needs to be a dynamic GI solution. I’m not sure what’s causing this bug, but it looks horrible.

This is supposed to be a plain white wall, in shadow. But there’s bright spots everywhere.

Yikes… That’s the POV from the editor LPV preview-box…???
It looks more PostProcess related… Post your PP/ LPV settings…

It might be bleeding of the LPV from the outside to the inside.

This bug is already reported and is related with the UMG text elements [4.7] F11 Fullscreen editor border black / white - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums
Only happen in the editor and when is in F11 mode.

By the way where you say turn off the LPV ??

Yes, this bug happens play in editor. I wish I was able to preview the project without the bug, I HOPE it doesn’t happen in the finished build!