Low texture mode/clean mode

Hey guys. The game is looking really really good. The high res videos on youtube really are quite jaw dropping. The new models are slick, I’m loving everything about the direction UT is headed.

That being said, I had to stop playing because the game got too good looking and my pc can no longer run a smooth fps. Is there any plan to include a clean/no texture mode like in Quake live? I was really enjoying playing on the maps as they were before the texturing, and now that the maps are and the models are getting textured, I can’t play the game anymore. It’d be great, especially with the f2p thing, to attract lower end players to the game since I stopped building gaming rigs years ago, and I’m sure most people who play other f2p games like lol and dota, seeing as you don’t need a monster machine to play those, don’t build their own monster rigs any more either.

Thoughts? Am I asking for something isn’t possible?

You would want to post this in the UT forum: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums