Low Res Material Post Processing Effect Tutorial

Hey guys a little while back, I saw a thread asking about this kind of effect so I thought I’d share this setup. I’ve since forgotten where said thread was so I opted to just make a thread here and hope said people find if they need it. But yeah here’s the description from the video:

*Yay finally done after 5-6 glitched audio recordings! But anyway, In this tutorial I’m going to go over setting up a low res/retro effect that you guys requested I cover.

I’ll show you how to setup the material, the material instance, and the post process volume. Hopefully I covered everything I needed to, but if there are any screw ups on my part, then feel free to let me know and I’ll try to correct it.*

And here’s the video, hope it’s helpful to someone as I tried to make it as newb friendly as possible:

Very thorough tutorial, well done.

Epic posted a tutorial for a similar effect a few days ago

Both achieve a nice effect.

Oops lol, didn’t see that! Well it’s here if anyone needs it lol.