Low light in rooms without windows.

Have you guys figured out whats the best approach to correct this issue? I have a Apt with awesome looking rooms but theres 1 room with no sun entering it so its very dark compared to the rest of the rooms. How can you introduce more light? I brought up the bounce and even put a spotlight outside to throw in more photons. But still, nothing like sun hitting the ground amd bouncing more light. Any help?

Try to increase the Diffuse Boost of your Materials or in the World Lightmass Settings.
And with increase I mean >= 10 <= 1000

How would you do it in real life? YES! Throw a lamp in there.
It certainly should not be considered bad form to introduce “artificial” lighting where necessary. Have fun.

Add a ceiling lamp.

True… i could just add another light. Just trying to go as natural as i can. But i think its a emgine limitation. All the rooms with sun coming in are very well lite, but 1 room is very dark where you cant even tell what material you are using. Ill look into the diffuse boost. Thxs all.


Using portals (in windows and door openings!) helps a lot!!
Setting higher bounces also…
Do you have Lightmass Importance Volume and Lightmass Character Indirect Detail Volume covering your building?

Good luck!!