Low frame rates (fps) using engine editor


Like the title says, I have low fps in the viewports. I just begun a new project; the only things I have added yet are:

  • a box for the floor with marble material,
  • one table,
  • one chair,
  • one light,
  • one pillar,
  • the BP_Sky_sphere,
  • the fog.

And the fps barely hit 15…

My computer specs:

Unreal Engine is installed on an external SSD (so is the game I mention below).

The amount of ram is not optimum, I understand that but is it really the reason for such low fps? For comparison, I can run a game like Skyrim on ultra (and above) settings with an average 50/55 fps.

Could the problem be that the engine doesn’t acknowledge the presence of the graphics card, the Radeon hd 7970m? My drivers are up to date.

Must i give up on my project of making a game?

Thank you for your attention and your answers. :slight_smile:

Your GPU isn’t great and you only have 4GB of memory