Lot of improvements coming to blueprints, thanks!

Just read description of this changelist and liked it very much :slight_smile:

Few sexy changes :slight_smile:

  • “Allow drag-dropping functions, macros, delegates, etc… to reorder them within a category or to change categories (bringing them to parity with variables)”
  • “Added an option to disable the comment bubble on comment boxes that appears when zoomed out”
  • “Cleanup and refactoring to prepare for turning commented out nodes into an official feature”
  • “Added the full name of the type, container type (and value type for maps) to the tooltips for the type picker elements, so long names can be read in full”
  • “Refactored ‘Goto Definition’ (…) Going to a native function now goes thru a better code path that will actually put the source code editor on the function definition, rather than just opening the file containing the definition”
  • “Allow ‘Goto Definition’ and ‘Find References’ to be used while stopped at a breakpoint
    PR #3774: Expose GotoFunctionDefinition during BP debugging (Contributed by projectgheist)”

And a long list of fixes and improvements.
Thanks a lot for these changes, guys!

Do I guess correctly that now you have time for such changes because you finally dealt with nativization and compilation manager?
If yes, please take a look at Blueprint Assist plugin and help out this guy. It would drastically improve life of programmers/scripters who come from the world of text scripting. Blueprints are great, but editing them could be much easier, faster and less annoying :slight_smile:

Blueprints are getting better and better. I really like how much I can do without having to create custom code. It also makes prototyping very easy.

  • Easier way to organize nodes. (The assist plugin looks nice)
  • Fade out not connected nodes. (When you prototype I have a lot of stuff laying around that is not connected. It would be nice if these had a different opacity so I easily see what is active or not)
  • Ctrl+click (or shift or something) on connection to disconnect it. Right now you need to right click and select break links.

Are these changes for 4.18? Sorry, I don’t have GitHub linked so I can’t see the link.
I fully support and praise all the Blueprint improvements, it’s a great system and it totally deserves constant improvements. Thanks Epic, great job!

Use Alt+click - if we’re talking about breaking a single connection here :slight_smile:

It’s on master branch, will be included in 4.18.

Awesome! :slight_smile:

Some tasty stuff landed on master branch :slight_smile:

#jira UE-16485 - Add an option to host global Blueprint searches in a dockable tab that’s not tied to any Blueprint editor context. (so much needed!)
#2804 Fix the NegateFloat and NegateInt macros not returning the right value (this pull request finally makes these nodes reliable/usable)…b2beb23799df44