Lost in the maze of Rama - how can I find and install Rama's VictoryEdEditor plugin 14.3

While searching for the Holy Grail, I have been led down many a wiki and many a forum post and I am lost with no hope of finding my way home. The paths are winding and when I see a glimmer of hope I woefully find a plugin version install difference and confusing errors thrown up by UE4. Rama or anyone else who has it running in 14.3, please come save me from the maze, and any other road weary noobs such as my self…

I currently have something from mediafire over here, over there is something from github. That other thing is also from mediafire, but don’t touch it because I don’t know what it does. Checked wiki for that thing, then put it in a stew with some lentils (it was delicious). Then there’s this thing that caused a fire in the media plugin when I launch. So I git the hub, place it in a kiln and melt it down, liberally apply it to the media and feint due to exhaustion.etc. It was at this point that ‘the madness’ kicked in and I admitted defeat with one solitary cry out to the heavens (forums).

Ahem, so what is the most up to date means of getting and installing this plugin? I am highly interested in the vertex snapping and instanced mesh elements. I have the blueprints working great, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do to get the static mesh instance editor (shown in Rama’s videos and the wiki) functional. The closest I have gotten is ‘library not found, disable plugin?’. I am installing in editor plugins/runtime/ as a more recent post suggested but still no joy.

Yours sincerely,
shameful noob ArtificialOrigins

Here you go. I’ve compiled Rama’s Victory Plugin in 4.13.

You are a true hero amongst men, thank you!

Tearful edit-
Ah, wrong version for me. I am looking for 4.14.3 :’(

Joyful edit-
Packages on wiki have been updated and I must have missed the latest versions. All up and running. Thanks Rama!

Ohh my bad. Apologies for the wrong version. I thought 14.3 was typo for 4.13. But anyways I’m glad you got it sorted out. :slight_smile:

No worries ryanjon2040! I’m just glad to get it working.
And besides, if I hadn’t seen your post I probably would have forgotten about instanced meshes all together, so you helped me escape the maze still :smiley: