Lost a level but didn't lose it...any way to save it?

So last night I was working on a level for my game. I saved it and closed out the engine and launcher. Then my computer restarted on its own and installed updates. Now when trying to load the level from the engine it shows my level was deleted!!! But when I look in the folder under content it shows my level is still there. Is there a way to get it back? Or is it really lost?

You can try to copy the map into another directory to see if the engine sees it. If the file has been corrupted, you could try restore some autosaves. They are usually in “[ProjectDirectory]\Saved\Autosaves\Game\Maps” folder.

Besides that, if you aren’t using a version control system, I highly recommend you start using one. You can install GitExtensions and use the source control feature of the engine to back up your data. So in the event that something happens to your files, you can just open up GitExtensions and restore a previous point.

One last thing, if the file is corrupted and if you are using an HDD, it might be worthwhile to check its health status. Manufacturers provide tools for this. On my PC alone I had 5 HDD failures over 10 years or so (with good cooling too). HDD failure warnings can be subtle and can catch you off guard.

I’ve had this happen a few times (PC overheating issue)… But unless Autosave is activated you’re probably out of luck.
There may be level backups in the folder Chariots mentioned, but you can’t open them despite what posts on here say…
BTW: If you’re not using Win-10, recommend disabling all updaters and controlling the process manually yourself.
Between Windows and AV suites, there’s many many accounts of dev machines being practically bricked this way!

Just tested this. You can open the saved maps, but you need to place them in different folders. Changing name of the file doesn’t work, I guess it stores the map name internally, but as long as you put it on another folder so that there are no same named maps in the same folder, it should work. Once you open the backups, you can save as with a different name as usual.

Can confirm the name is internal. Interesting that you can open *.umap.
Prompts the question, were all of my saves in that folder corrupt at one point…
Also, were you / are you using Autosave for those level files Chariots???

I never disable autosave, even though it gets on my nerves sometimes (especially when importing textures, yes, I know they aren’t saved, I just imported them 30 seconds ago!). Benefits far outweigh the cost though, in my opinion.

Ok, good to know cheers, perhaps that’s it then. I’m still licking old wounds from UDK…
So I never use Autosave in UE4 either, and file sizes are often 2-10 times larger anyway.