Losing my Map

I am new to Unreal Engine 4 and I have been following the tutorial on creating the 3rd Person endless runner game. But it seems that eveytime I try to save it and leave Unreal Engine Editor, when I next come back an open up the project I am presented with the ThirdPersontemplate map instead and can longer see my game.

I hope that this makes sense…

I am saving the project incorrectly?

Many Thanks!

Go to your project settings - under map&modes you will have to choose your saved map :slight_smile:
Otherwise go to file - open - open your map file

Do I need to save the map vis the ‘Save As’ option first? I was just hitting the save button and then Exiting.

It should also work when you just press “save”. When you save your map the first time, a window should pop up which will ask you for a name + location :slight_smile:

Does the location have to be in the same folder as the project?

Yes, because it’s recommended to keep everything in the content folder of your project. :slight_smile:

Many Thanks.

One more question…Apologies for the stupid question, but how do I get my map to appear when I open my project as opposed to the standard Third person template map?

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