Losing collision information on import (Maya to Unreal)

I’ve looked at many threads and videos trying to solve this problem, but no one seems to either have the problem or the answer.

I’m trying to make a mesh for a Blueprint Spline Mesh I have. However, whenever I important my mesh the collision I provide is simplified and tessellation is lost. As you can imagine, with the in-between verts and edges removed it doesn’t work so well for the spline mesh.

In the image below, you’ll see the mesh and the collision mesh which when exported from Maya we’re identical. But when imported into Unreal, all the divisions on the collision are lost (yet remain on the actual mesh). I tried creating eight separate collision meshes and important it that way but that only crashes Unreal. I’ve tried UCX and UBX but the only difference is the beveled edges.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.