Loosing material information when migrating

I downloaded the automotive material pack from Unreal. When I open the original project, everything looks fine, the texture are beautiful. However, as I migrate the folder into one of my project, I loose some information on the material.
I get no error message anywhere, would you guys know what is causing this issue?

Before anyone ask, I changed absolutely no setting between the two project. Mats have the exact same value.
From what I can tell, it seems linked to the ClearCoatBottomNormal node. When I delete this node in the parent material the good mat look exactly like the bad one. But in the case of the bad one, removing it or re-applying it changes nothing.

I found the solution after a bit of searching. To see the clearCoatBottom you first have to activate it in the project setting under engine/rendering/material

Found the solution in the unreal documentation here :
Using Dual Normals with Clear Coat