Looking to duo an environment project with a partner.

SUP DOG, I’m Mike, I’m 24 years old, and I am 1.5 years into learning 3D environment art for UE4 alongside having a partime job. This is my current demo reel I have to showcase. I’ve used mostly only substance painter/designer in combination with Maya for past projects. Right now, I’m learning the classic zBrush and Marvelous Designer make’n’bake workflows to speed up (and hopefully improve) my art.

Okay Mike, I don’t need your lifestory, alright, geeze! Well here’s what I’m looking for in a partner: have some sort of semi optimized art rendered in UE4 that you can link/send me. Then at that point we can discuss what kind of project might be best suited for us that would showcase our skills/abilities the best. Expect the project to take at least a month because it needs to be the best art we can make it to be.

Also, to just kind of help give you an idea of what I want to build, here are the types of environments I’m most interested in creating (but I’m definitely open to other pieces):


Ultimately, I’m looking for someone in a similar position as me who’s willing to commit a month to create the best quality art we can possibly create. It will be really tough but the idea is that it will land us a job somewhere, which is the dream!
SO, if you’re interested at all, spend 5 minutes, take a screenshot if your art in UE4, send it to me, and we’ll talk! Cheers

I love that first piece! Very cute. Looks really good for 1.5 years experience.

The pictures are just ideas to base a project from. I can’t take credit for any of them.

Also, while I wait for a partner artist, I’m getting a heads start building an interior in the same style as the first picture. If you’re interested joining, don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile: