Looking to build a long-term team

Hey everyone how is it going? I am looking to build a team to work with on many games and game jams.
My preferred contact site is: Skype or Cellphone (Kik or Facebook Messenger)
I am: The Story Writer
My Motives: I want to change how the world perceives horror and make the unscareable, scared again.
What I am looking for:
Audio Engineer
Game Programmer
Artist 3D (Preferably but not Mandatory)
Level Editor

Royalty is: 11% after Unreal Engine takes their cut
Pm me if your interested and I will send you the contract after our first group convo on skype.

So of the profits after Epic takes royalty, each person on that team there gets 11% of said profits?

Which there are 5 of, so 55%. So you, as the story writer, get 45%? Is this correct?

You need to learn a development skill, writing isn’t on it’s own, normally it’s part of the design tasks.

Money should be split even among developers unless someone is investing serious capitol, or if someone is being paid instead of royalty.

If you haven’t done a game jam yet, just start with one game jam, you don’t even have to call out what roles you need. If you can’t do it from the forums go to a live location, Community Colleges often host them. Teams that stay together have formed out of successful projects organically. In the past I did a lot of game jams, they are a super intensive way of learning to work on a team, they also show quickly what doesn’t work.

If your on a game jam team that works well together, talk about making the weekend game into a real one at the end. Team dynamics are not predictable.

Also, paid work and day jobs always take precedence over royalty work for people, so keeping a royalty team together over a long period of time will be difficult. Much better if you focus on short term projects.

On a small team the Artist can also do the rigging, animation and the Programmer can share the design with the Artist and both can write. So, you really only need 2 people. An artist and a programmer. Either can do the audio tasks. Which one are you? I’m not just saying this, the game in my link is made with 2 people and I got far with another game about cats and lazer pointers that was also just 2 people, though we tried to get a 3rd.

well there are 5 more people im looking for. I already have 4 people together which is
A marketing agent
A story writer
An accountant
A lawyer
which equals to 99% in total the extra 1% will be saved in case we need extra funding

I chose royalty work because I feel it’s better cause the better the game does the better the workers get paid so it is like a reward system for doing your best