looking for writer to create new puzzles and missions

We are making a 3d Sci-Fi adventure game and need creative new quests/riddles/tasks/puzzles for missions written for it. The challenge lies in creating new technology/science and interesting ways to interact with it. For example new defence systems and ways to overcome them. Out of the question is any copied idea from other books, movies, games and so on.
NOT usable are therfore e.g. scripts like for a movie, novel texts, dialogues (only), background-stories (alone), using existing/old technologies like safes, computers, keycards to open doors and so on.
The general requirement is that the ideas are new, make sense, use existing game mechanics and assets, and are in the format to be implemented in the game.
Here further info:…it?usp=sharing

To apply, show that you can do what is required by creating a small creative sample quest within the given constraints.