Looking for virtual environments for professional video project

Hi community!

As a long time user of Unreal Engine (Since engine 1), I have grown up with its games, graphics and community, doing my first with the engine, modding the level Facing Worlds in Unreal Tournament.

Anyway, now I am a professional video artists. For my next project I am combining a series of studies of the physical infrastructures, which goes into developing the materials used for the tools we use
to make virtual worlds; from rare earth metal mines to mega servers burried into mountains.

For part of this project I am looking to feature top quality virtual environments, which simulates real landscapes. You will be fully accredited in the final work if you want to. The final work is a multi screen video
installation to be shown in NYC where I work as a professional artist.

If you would like to have your landscape featured let me know and send me a message.

I am looking to film via. matinee only inside of some virtual environments, and the final recordings will become part of the video installation which ties together virtual worlds and real world locations.

I hope someone in this community is interested! It has been hard to get in touch with level designers so far, prob. because the industry is primarily used to dealing with the formats of the gaming world only.

Your material will not become part of a game but a public video installation, that introduces virtual environments to people outside of the industry.

Feel free to reach out!

A link to a short video summary of my most recent installation is available here: