Looking for SoCal VR devs to Jam with

Hello, My name is Alex. I’m involved with a VR Startup (Immersive Entertainment, makers of )

Recently we acquired some space in an Incubator near University of California: Irvine.

(That row of desks on the left is us.)


I’m looking for 1 or 2 devs who want to come out and jam/hack for the upcoming Unreal Engine monthly jam. (Theme to be announced this Thursday AUG 11)

Not sure how much interest this will generate - but in the event more than 2 people want to come out I’ll have to select based on previous projects/portfolio/personality

  • Although the theme will be announced Thursday, we’d really only be able to use the space Saturday and/or Sunday. We have Rift/Vive and 2 dev-station PCs.


If you’re interested shoot me a PM with some info about yourself.

For more about me: and some of my past jams