Looking for proper learning materials and live examples for Texture/level streaming optimizations.

I’ve written about this subject a while ago but this ones aimed at finding learning resources.

I’ve been browsing for a good while and have noticed that there is little info and practical coverage on how to make best use of:

1 - Texture streaming: Mip maps and how they are loaded in and out of memory. In one of my levels I had very optimized assets but the camera travels fast in some areas and the noticeable Mip map loading is very distracting, I was forced to turn it off for some assets, The docs don’t much cover how to best optimize things or explain in detail the parameters in practical terms.

For instance if there is a way to tell unreal to “load textures” earlier or prioritize things better. What do all the parameters in “level streaming” under project settings do, the doc seems to be aimed for those who already have a good understanding of this with minimum info.

2 - Level streaming: Again similar lack of proper practical tutorials or docs, I need to know how Vram is being used, why are there a dozen “hitches” every time a level is loaded and unloaded, I had made sure the assets are well optimized and are many in chunks.

3 - Vram usage and stats: of all the tutorials I’ve seen I still have a hard time getting this one, it seems the stats shows the memory and other details, however it is never explained why the Vram consumption never changes when levels are unloaded and loaded, it never really states (or maybe I didn’t understand it) that for example you are now using " X amount of your video cards available memory" and now its Y.

I hope Epic creates a webinar or a long video on how best to optimize your levels and what to do and not to do.

Hey [USER=“202133”]William K[/USER]! Thanks for these suggestions. We’ll see if we can pull together a livestream or at least a write-up on these topics.

thanks for this!