Looking for Programmer - A new step for Axyos project (

Hello community,

Our project Axyos (previously known as R.I.P) has been under development for two years as of right now. We successfully got green-lighted and were published in Early Access in November of 2014 (
After that for a year we were struggling looking for a direction in which we should develop the game considering more than moderate financial success of the initial launch. Fortunately in this October we were able to get couple of professionals from industry on board (in Game Design, Producing/Management and QA fields), who introduced a new concept that would lead the project to become a commercial product and, what is even more important, really interesting game.

So now we are building up coding part of the team. We are looking for:

Preferable UDK programmer, who has solid experience working both in editor and coding.
At the same time we understand that UDK guys are not common right now, so we are ready to consider UE4 programmer, but in this case we would expect you to learn to work with UDK.

A lot of you would probably recommend us to move the project to UE4 and go from there, and while we understand that it would be a good way to go, transferring current project to UE4 will take us at least 3 months and we can’t afford it.

Regarding compensation:
We are mostly interested in guys who want to share risks with us and who are ready to work for a share of profits of the project.
At the same time we are ready to negotiate really modest monthly compensation with interested candidates.

To get more information both on project, team and compensation contact me via

Email: fdather at
Skype: spkeni

If you’re looking for a UDK programmer then you need to look here:

A UE4 programmer is not the same as a UDK programmer–with UE4 you have either Blueprints or C++, with UDK you have either Kismet or Unrealscript

Thanks for link! We will definitely look there too, just trying to look for opportunities in every possible direction. Obviously UE4 is quite different, in any case hope we didn’t break any rules of the forums with this thread.