Looking for people unpaid for now.

Vivanox Studios is looking for a fresh talent, here is what we are seeking.

a) 3D artists with experience in Character modeling or animations (Right now, all 16 characters have been made in Fuse 1.3)

b) C++ , Blueprints. (knowlegde with Networking is a must), also have a good undstanding of the plugins we use, would be nice to.

c) You have a Headset with functional Speakers & Microphone. (We mostly use teamspeak)

Our project can be seen here :
if you wanna hear more about it, then join our teamspeak, the whole crew is there.

Website :

The game is a First/Third/Topdown Capture the flag domination. 16 Players , with a special twist ;).

Updated from 18-05-2017
Heralds of Cosmos

This here is a 5-10 Break trailer, of what we have made, it is being used on our stream for breaks commercial.

Final note, the core of the game works, but it still needs alot of fixing etc.

You welcome to contact us through our website.

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Thanks matey.


Hey, I’d like to help create your game. Skype me at avicohen112 if i can join.

I have send you a request