Looking for New people and helpful individuals for Skype group

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to this whole UE4 and have been messing around as well as watching countless videos on youtube and digital tutors to become a well rounded individual in this program. I still don’t know exactly where to start and I want to create something I can call my own as well as share the experience with others. I am married and want top use all my spare time in creating a game. I want to network out amongst the community to find like-minded individuals that want to make a game and a group that can work on issues and share knowledge to help everyone reach their goals. If you have same a similar viewpoint and would like to meet more people to contact to bounce ideas off of as well as knowledge please add me on Skype so we can get a small community started. Thank you for the time and hopefully I will get some requests soon. I will be up for the next hour and a half! LETS GET THIS STARTED!!