Looking for new direction

Hey Guys.

About 13 yeas ago I started to write fantasy books.
After 4 years the trilogy was finished.

This is story, which happened in ancient times, in an unknown world, which nevertheless is a lot like Earth.
The first book tells the legend of two young people who lived in country named Macedon during its hard times – Alexander and Zarina, the story of love and war.

During the beginning of the story eastern nomadic tribes united by king Aressa begin to move to the west. They call themselves Jihmets and their goal is Macedon. There’s only one real obstruction between them and Macedon - the ruler of Berrilla city.

Jihmets have a strong and mysterious ally. It is the race of people which lived in Macedon lands thousands of years ago and left for East continent after a terrible cataclysm. And now they are willing to return.

At the start of the story Alexander and Zarina fight another enemy - non-humanoid intelligent race called Tirao. They are strong and agile predators able to turn into a person they killed, and whose heart they’ve eaten…

Since then I did with it nothing. My English is not well enough. Although I live in Israel already for many yeas, the books were written in Russian - my native language.

Two yeas ago I decided to make this project alive, and to create a game based on these books.

I got advise from friends which read books and liked it and hired professional translator. It took more then one and a half years to translate the first book in English. At this time I wrote some more documents which describe the game itself. I adapted the story to game script by adding and changing things where it was necessary.

I decided to concentrate mostly on story line and heroes - the things, which make game a really interesting adventure for every player, which brings to game a soul.

Now I am ready to go.

I have no hope to develop game alone and especially such epic game, I am dreaming about.
Such production demands many good specialists of any kind, and wide technical abilities.

So I am trying to find studio or people who will want to create such studio and make a game based on my story. I believe the story may help to create AAA game not worse then Witсher, let’s say.
And I am planning to create something like this. At least now, until reality does not show me the futility of my plans. :slight_smile:

Personally I am not looking to rule things, or even to create 3D content, although it was my main occupation in several last years. For me is most important to bring my story to people. And video games media is a most perspective and interesting way to do it, for my opinion. So I see my part as scriptwriter.

I believe that my story is interesting and worth effort but I have a problem. I am not a person who has contacts among the people who can help to implement this plan. Most of the effort and time I spent on creation rather than on communication. And now it is playing against me.

I am open for advises and offers. I will be grateful if someone will share contacts of people who may be interested in such collaboration.

It maybe a good chance to create new virtual Universe in which people can live and adventure part of his real life.

Thank you!

Hi Necturus,

Whilst I dont think I can help out much with the project, I am eager to see where this goes.
You mention that the first book has been translated to English, has this been published yet?

No, the book wasn’t been published. And actually I decide don’t move to this direction right now.
I have only first book transcended together with following documents:

  1. Short game description: (It doesn’t describes aspects I am not enough professional with, like game mechanic or AI for example. Such things will be depending on studio, which will develop the game):

  2. Story line of 2 main heroes, Alexander and Zarina: (each one have his own original story, nature, and path in the game. I added and changed things compare to original book and make game story line richer):

  3. Appendixes for story lines:

  4. Characters short description list. (Includes all characters from main heroes to crowd)

  5. Short descriptions of all three books. ( to show perspective and possibility to create more games based on the story):

Do you have the means to finance all or some of the game production, or are you looking for a studio able to carry the financial risk?

I want to get a chance to my plan A right now. I want to find studio. If there is a strong team with experience and abilities to make games we have, (together with interesting story) all reasons to ask for money publishers or investors.

Personally I am creator, not a manager. So I have a little hope to create studio team alone. But I have something that not every AAA game have. Original Universe and talent to create game story on it’s base.
Of course every one can come and say “I have a story”. I am ready to send materials to one after NDA sight. I hope all these years I spend to came to this point worth 1 hour of your time. :slight_smile:

Although as you say you want a big epic game and so it would be hard to do with one person, usually a studio wants proof of to the popularity of your story if they are going to finance a game around it.

Since your story is not widely published it may be a valuable idea to try to get it more widely known so that its sales can be the proof you need.

Alternatively, why not take the smallest section of the book that otherwise still conveys the feeling of the story and make that into a short demo game. You can then use that MVP demo to help demonstrate your idea and gauge interest.

Tank you Valkrysa.

Your are right I am going to public first part of theology as e-book soon. Lets see who people will like it.
The second option is more problematic. I have not enough talents and skills to make demo alone.
I want it be very high quality so even for something small I need good team and technical abilities.

Is there no one with your team as of now can produce a drawn based like a comic book asset of your story to get the blood pumping for freelancers to maybe help you…
i would but im not at the class i think your looking for… Shame cause i love to help people and never seem to produce enough myself… like half a brain looking for its 2nd

Hey Ozcorps.

I am have no team yet. I just hope I to have one.
The process will be difficult, I Know. But I have no reasons to lower the plank.
I am already creating 3D assets with not a bad quality. There is no sense to work hard in order to make the same. I want to do game with AAA quality or nothing. :slight_smile:

I published my book, thanks for advise! I am just happy. :slight_smile:
Here the link:

Hope it is not against forum rules to post links like this here.


Just to add to what others have said.

Even if you don’t have the resources for a team to produce a game for you at the moment, it wouldn’t be completely out of question for you to hire/work with an artist to prepare some concept art for you. Since you’re aiming for work of AAA quality anyway, the art work could be useful in generating interest, and would probably end up as marketing material in the far off future anyway. It would also be useful to grab the attention of those who may wish to work with you on this project. If you had a collection of images that showcased the storyline, characters and lore of your project, it’d probably be a lot easier to attract collaborators to your team.

This is very right thing to do. During last months I tried to convince artists which I know personally to create illustrations. I asked them to be my partners. Unfortunately stimulus was not very obvious, and no one had show enthusiasm. Translation of my book and game documents not only took long time, but also took not a small amount of money. As immigrant from needy Soviet Union in first generation and man with family, I have no reserves. I am not beggar myself but the best option I found $500 per illustration I just can’t afford. And this was lets say not A but B+ artist.