Looking for Networking/AI Programmer and Xbox Porting(US Based)

[ROYALTY] Killing, My Friend

Project Title:
Killing, My Friend

Killing, My Friend is a first and third person co-op arcade shooter with over-the-top movie realism and stunts inspired by classic action movies. The game pits four action movie stars against hordes of extras, lieutenants, henchmen, arch-nemesis and bosses on cliché movie sets to test your actor’s abilities. With emphasis on style, the player attempts to complete a variety of gameplay objectives and survive to the end while battling it out alongside other players. To survive you must cooperate, but to win the match you must do it in the most stylish way.

We were Greenlit last year on Steam and have a build running on Steam currently. We were also accepted into the ID@XBOX program in January. We are very close to a Steam Early Access release and are looking for a qualified programmer to begin immediately. Our goal is to finish the alpha and begin online testing within the next few weeks to prepare for the Early Access release shortly after.


  • Play in either first person or third person. *]The AI Director adjusts the difficulty of the next wave based on player performance.  *]Can be played both single player and 4 player co-op.

Team Name:
Hard-Boiled Software LLC

Team Structure**:**
Dwayne Douglass - Project Lead, Animator, modeler, odd-job man
Jan Hartung - Programmer
Dilhan Geeth – Programmer

Previous Work:
Action Half-Life 1 & 2

Talent Required:
C++ Gameplay Programmer, Blueprint Scripting, AI Programmer, XBOX Port

  • Strong C++ Skills. *]Knowledge of UE4 Blueprints  *]Some AI programming experience a plus  *]XBOX SDK experience also a Plus. *]US BASED ONLY

Compensation will be upon release of the game and percentage based, the exact details of which can be discussed if you are interested.
Hard-Boiled Software

Skype: oddjob1138