Looking for ideas: Leap Motion grabbing objects and collision


Since i am a bit new with engines and missed lots of thinks i looking for ideas for catch objets with leap motion. (i write in title LP, wanting say LM)

For understand since my english its bad here a video of what i get now
That was the best and its really hard take something. Take objects its complicate and fail alot the collisions with object in movement.

i looking for ideas and options i can use. I can attach to a socket but i don’t like that way. I working with blueprints.

any other?

Since you can’t actually feel the object, it’s going to be very difficult to get the right position to grab things. I would turn off collision between the hands and the objects, and then have it to where if you reach forward and make the pose like you want to grab it, it will automatically put the object into your hand—so there would be a point that it would detect a pose, and then if you are close enough to the object it would make the hand grab it. Then if you open your hand it would let go.

In that video seems they attract the object and i like the effect (and seems sticky to the hand) . (made with unity)
skip: 0:20



i have few ways for doing that. Nothing definitive.

Here a example of one i upload few weeks ago: