Looking for help to setup a Lanscape material

Hello there,

I just started with UE4 4.22.2 today (coming from Unity) and I have a hard time setting up / texturing a landscape…
Do you guys have some already pre-made node/material networks for blending some megascan materials , driven by greyscale masks or a RGBA splatmap - together?
Or hints, where to find AAA ready to use node-network for such a task? Hell, even a step-by-step tutorial…

I can get some textures on the landscape - but it looks as “un-impressive” as the standard unity terrain, I used to know.
I was under the impression, the UE4 handles terrain much better out of the box, than Unity would, even with plugins… but right now, I can not see it happen…

It looks like UE´s material-node-shader-toolkit is very capable - but I am not (yet) :wink:

I need to setup one terrain piece in really high quality with everything UE4 could possible bring to the game, like tesselation, using/blending displacement maps of the materials
all that on/in a “basic colormap”, that covers the whole terrain. Something like RTS shader in Unity would provide…

Please help !!!

Kind Regards

@Official_Kayess The only decent resources I know of are:

  1. Youtube:

  2. Epic:

  3. Buy an assest you like the look of and mod it. There’s plenty of good ones and you can just put your textures in the instance and carry on…

Hope that’s of some help.

Yes, this was helpful! Will check out the resources…

basically, I need a material, that can blend with 3 or 4 textures (including displacement) and that has a free slot for an optional normal-noise map. the textures should be blended
by masking and it would be awesome, if you still be able to paint with textures and decals on top of that. Aspects like roughness, AO and so on should be adjustable…

So it´s a little bit more complex. I think it will be fastest, just to buy an asset at the marketplace and go from there. Maybe I can find something, that allows for
much artistic control and masking/blending in textures and 3d meshes on top of the terrain-heightfield - would be sweet!