Looking for guidance on bringing reality into virtual reality

New to Unreal. Looking for advice, guidance, and any tips that can get me started.

The plan is to take in point data (X,Y,Z) from a camera and display those points as particles or shape like a triangle or cube in a VR headset. I haven’t really been able to wrap my head around how or where this data would be brought into Unreal from the camera. My google keywords aren’t working out too well in that regard. I’ve searched around the web and found some cool projects like the harvard bunny one and learned how to display a box some specified distance away from a character in 3rd person with the press of a key. Any help/suggestions are appreciated.

Hi there, welcome to VR with UE4!

Can you elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to achieve? The points from the camera (X,Y,Z) represent what? Is it a sort of 3D camera? Then you should also have a color value (R,G,B) at each point in space, isn’t it? So are you trying to represent a 3D image in UE4 or something else?


Are the 3D points supposed to come from a Zed camera? Or actual point-cloud scanning? What you’re looking for might need some more definition.