Looking for founding members for a team to create The Greatest Shooter Game Of All Times

EDIT: It is clear that I wrote this in the wrong thread and that people have a lot of concerns, all of which are legit. In order to reach this goal, the goal has to be broken up in small chunks. Each chunk then has to be developed as a smaller game and in that way, finish one step at a time. Thank you all for the replies and if anyone from EPIC is reading this, it might be a good idea to move this post into another category, some general discussion perhaps.
Thank you all for your replies. I read them and take your criticism into account, even though I don’t respond to everything.
Ps.: This account is new, but I am not new to Unreal.


The prefix of this post should be equity and not royalty, as founding members will own the same percentage of equity. Needless to say, we are looking at several years of total development time.
I am looking for people with a similar mindset as I have. There is no such thing as impossible, only challenges and solutions. You have super high ambitions, tons of patience, long term thinking, realistic short term expectations and unrealistic dreams to achieve in life, over the long term. It is a requirement that you practice the abundance/growth mindset and see failures and mistakes as education and not the end of it all. The reason for that is to harvest brainstorming and to ensure liberating communication. I don’t work with people who are filled with doubt, unless they are super serious about generating tons of self-esteem, in which case, I can help.
You are mature, and preferably skilled and/or talented with certain aspects of the engine. Your background doesn’t matter. I don’t care if you were shooting heroin on the streets last year, if you stole a car when you were 18 or if you are an atheist, hardcore religious, a veteran, a refugee, from another planet or the 127th gender in the gender dictionary. What I do care about, is that you are super serious about super success. And in this particular case, success = The Greatest Shooter Game Of All Times!

What exactly this game will become will depend on who is involved and what technology will be available in the near future. All I know at this point, is that there is no reason why BF, COD and so forth should dominate the market. We can certainly, over time, rise above these titles. It is quite certain that a future prototype won’t be ready until UE5 has been on the market for quite some time. Research and development will be a massive mountain to climb, because we MUST overcome everything players don’t like and present something extraordinary. There will be no time spent on gambling type loot boxes, but tons of time spent on precise vector math for line traces, or projectiles, or whatever else is the best way to shoot.
The initial phase will be to agree on what type of game we will create and what challenges must be overcome. Will it be multiplayer, or single player, or co-op, or something no one has seen yet? Will it be historical, modern, futuristic or something no one has done before? It doesn’t really matter.
As we get a functional prototype working, it will be time to find investment money to hire talent to do most of the actual work, with the founding members presiding over parts of the game, or even hire team leaders if we realise that we’re not qualified for that. Our main job will be to shape the game.

My actual job will be that of a captain. My responsibility will be to keep the project together and later; meet with investors, contact tech companies for equipment as donations, make sure everything legal is 100% and so forth. I’m only 10.000 e-mails away from good equipment. Easy peasy with the right mindset. If you love level design, or sound, or C++, or shaders, that could be your department. If you really want to invent something new and revolutionise gaming and the Unreal Engine, then you are DEFINITELY the type I’m looking for.

Kind regards and enjoy your day.

Aye aye captain.:stuck_out_tongue: Well, at least you didn’t mention MMO yet! So marks for that. The rest of the new age thinking? IDK…
Finding investment is hard, as you’re competing against people better than you (years in the industry and more contacts).
Plus, do you have any idea of the marketing budget for games like COD? They can outgun everything except maybe GTA.

Sounds like someone just discovered video games

Take a good look at Unity and Unreal.
Start a small project with the scope to have functioning game features. Buying a shiny menu from the market is easy, the work starts when you try to modify it, and connect it with your game logic, to debug it and to optimize it.

I am so happy that Epic allows anyone to post here, allows bringing down the quality of the Forum for everyone, and forcing us to use other platforms for job-seekers as well as job offers.

Lets take this fine example here:

“The prefix of this post should be equity and not royalty”
Wonderfull, so we not only get a share of nothing, but are also liable for the losses of youre “enterprise”.

“I don’t care if you were shooting heroin on the streets last year”, “You have super high ambitions…and unrealistic dreams to achieve in life…”
You not only sound like one of these, but also assume you can “rise above” titles like Battlefield and Call of Duty with such people you try to gather. Please try to get those people from the streets and not from here.

“My actual job will be that of a captain.”
No one with a clear mind will follow a leader who…
-has no experience in the field,
-does not even provide the basic info from the recruitment template, but insted bullshits his ad with a drug-infused euphoria rage
-sounds so clueless that his “project” will be dead within days and no one likes to participate in this experience

  • does his first post here (at least under this account) and expects anyone to take him seriously with this disqualifying posting.

I am really happy that those well-paid Epic moderators do nothing in such cases and let the Forums die here for any serious participants. Well done!

Five years ago, I was homeless, albeit not shooting heroine. Back then I had this crazy dream of getting a job. Last week I was offered, without asking, three jobs. I can’t understand how people can be unemployed during these times. Then again, thanks to the hardship back then, I’m ALWAYS in a rather good mood, because everything is easy in comparison.
That is why I’m especially interested in working with people who have overcome incredible hardship, we can thrive no matter what.
Should have included that I will prioritize people who society labels as mentally “ill,” and can live with their challenges.
The most productive creative person I have ever worked with, was a musician with OCD, ADHD and ADD. Good luck competing with the productivity of such an individual.
The challenge therein, as a leader, is to provide such person with an environment in which they thrive, void of all the noise and bs. from ordinary life. And of course listen without judgment, they can have a lot of things they need to get off of their shoulders, because the world is abundant when it comes to inconsiderate and toxic people.
I only went through severe depression and anxiety, so it could be overcome entirely, it’s different with these other types of mental “illness.” There you have to focus on creating an environment where the person thrives and doesn’t get overloaded with external stress.
Then there is the different types of people, autism, aspergers, gifted, highly sensitive etc. in the right environment, these are super humans.

Agreed, however where do you draw the line? Should we delete all posts that do not follow template, or maybe all posts that do not explain task. What about some big company posting multiple topics about jobs for same project/game (theoretically against rules). Maybe epic should made separate job seeking for all unformatted, poorly made topics.

I know this part of forum is mess, but really deleting all that does not follow rules from sticky would be better?

I suppose we could ask for a new category; “Looking for team members” or something like that?

Here are 2 solutions to this:

I) As there are just about max. 2 to 3 new postings each day in the job section of the forum, the moderators should be able to look thru them and treat them accordingly:

  1. qualified postings: untouched
  2. “not sure / where to draw the line?” give the original poster a warning that the minimum quality requirements are not met. let them know what these are and that they have to provide those within a timeframe of e.g. 2 days, otherwise the post will be deleted. the timeframe also seperates the “dead” and serious posters.
  3. unqualified postings: let them know that this forum requires a minimum quality which was not met, so the posting has been deleted. offer them to make a new qualified posting if they are serious. send others (like SigmaGames with his mental issues) to more appropiate sites like reddit.

This process would be “manually” as you can’t make sure quality is kept, as even with a mandatory list or template, people may put nonsense in there.
But as the workload is so little (actually one person could moderate the whole forums that way), and this is the worlds leading game engine, this effort should be worth it. Also you team of moderators can split up the workload among yourselfes…

II) separate the Sub-Forum “Job Forums” in 2 Forums: “Paid job offers” and “Other job offers (revenue/equity-share, unpaid, hobby…)”.
The above suggestion from SigmaGames "a new category “looking for team members” does not work, as both look for members or employes, this is the mess we have right now already.

You may let do posters in the “paid” section post more freely, also allow different positions separate.

But please set minimum standards for the “other” section, as most of them are purely frustrating waste of time if they can’t provide:
a) clear goal, like a detailed Game Design Document" and break these down in EVERYTHING that is required to archieve this goal. e.g. character x mesh, y animations, z programming mandays…
b) a realistic plan how to work off or buy everything from the GDD, this way realising the total workload and if they have the ressources and budget for it.
c) an convincing description of their qualifiction, e.g. work in other teams, experience in the field of work, shipped titles, experience as game-dev team-leader and so on… pure motivationb does not qualify.

For both solutions: give forum members the opportunity to standardised report unqualified postings, or postings in the wrong section.

A similar approach could be applied to the “Looking for work” subforum, as right now there have to be tags/prefixes to separate the “paid” from “other” job seekers. So this subforum could be split in 2 to make this clear for everybody looking or posting there.

I hope these solutions will be regarded by Epic, otherwise this forum will go down to even more nonsense level and shy away any serious people.

People have been posting nonsense project recruitment threads forever here, it’s not like it’s a new thing and so far people can ignore the ones that clearly won’t work out.

So you’re admitting that this is a problem, but you are not even motivated to do one of the simple, easy suggested solutions? Reasons being as these problems have been “forever here” and they are not a “new thing”?
You are a “Moderator” here and should be motivated to improve “youre” forum, or at least solve such existing problems if there are easy solutions available to you.

And regarding “people can ignore the ones that clearly won’t work out”:

a) serious or professional people will not only wonder why this unqualified postings are allowed on the public official forums of a professional game engine, but they will simply shy away from it. Or do you think serious people waste their time reading thru tons of unqualified postings by hoping to find the few serious ones? No, they simply will go to serious websited instead.

b) unexperienced people may not be able to know what will “work out” and what not, and may fall for such motivation-but-no-skills postings like from SigmaGames above leaving them with a frustrating experience only. This could be avoided if you would demand certain minimum quality standards.


I saw a post once, it went something like this: The mods are like the aristocracy on here. :stuck_out_tongue: The UE forums are dying a slow death by a thousand cuts and the mods seem powerless to change it, or are too indifferent to help. Mods like @DotCam were passionate about keeping the forums alive, but they’ve disappeared too. Overall, its sad to see as a few years ago this place was kickin. If only there was some kind of rewards system for both mods and regular posters?I thought this job-ad was a spoof to wind people up (entertainment value)… But you’re right, its frustrating when you’re looking for work. So I’m with you on that! :wink:

Suddenly posts from old forums for the Torque engine and Unity 2 rise into my mind… memories…

The best thing about these kind of posts is that the readers are more than likely to make a game by themselves. I’ve been part of these royalties projects with nothing more than grand ideas with 12 to 40 people on discord posting memes all day and weeks later a project that 1 person could have achieved. Another “boys club” to play vid games all day and achieve nothing.

An AAA game of that size costs around $300 million. In order to get there, you break down the end goal into a great many micro goals. Consider these as mini games. Let’s say you want to revolutionize animations in shooter games. That particular mini game will then revolve around an inventive animations system. If and when that generates revenue, it can be considered a building block in the future game.
I read something about how Elon Musk makes all these huge things. What we see, is many years later. In the beginning, they made a simple goal to have the first step create cash flow to fund the next step. That’s why they fly cargo to the ISS, even though he really wants to build a new nation on Mars.
The same for Jeff Bezos, he didn’t start Amazon to sell books, he did it to fund his actual goals.

True that. I won’t be doing any of the actual development work, because I’m not good enough or interested in becoming good enough. Shortly put, each step along the way can only proceed once I’ve found the money to fund that step. Turning each step into a financially viable product is how the final goal will be obtained. Mini games, or products for other studios to purchase.

So perhaps a good chance to prove that - you know, in order or garner interest in someone who knows UE4 at least.

Does this really promote interest in your project? Maybe you miswrote.

I think I can help you out there. Those games have hundreds of very experience developers who’ve built the brand over years from hard work and Innovation, I wouldn’t brush them off as bad games that don’t deserve success.

Sounds like a fool errand considering you believe COD and BF don’t deserve to dominate the market - and yet they do - and the players decide that.

This is backwards game design. Recruiting on the basis of… loot boxes suck, the tops games are ■■■■, we can make the Greatest Shooter game, lets get some big investors, and lets brainstorm after recruitment. I would love to see any successful game using this model. Maybe you’re trolling, it’s hard to tell…

You misunderstand. They definitely deserve to dominate the market, which is why I brought them up. That doesn’t mean they can’t be disrupted with something better though.

please just dont feed this troll anymore. the right approach to him is just to ignore him. dont post anymore. otherwise he gets the attention he is looking for, but does not deserve.

And while you were writing this, I actually found a team. Good luck out there, wish you a great life. No further replies are necessary here, as I’ve gotten what I was looking for.