Looking for Experienced Modder

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for someone who has the availability to help and teach me more about modding on the Ark Dev Kit.
Specifically the advanced concepts and options, I am aware and understand the basic ones, though I am not overconfident.

I am working on a series of mods, under different projects, that will shape the gaming experience and let it become more pleasant and rewarding.
The series is named Ark Essentials, and projects published and being worked on are Saddles Extension and Prized Items.

My search for help is due to i am being unable to work on my own Roadmap.
On Saddles Extension I am not being able to develop Addons, that are meant to attach to saddles, to provide buffs to creatures. Specifically interested in increasing movement speed.
Prized Items I am looking to develop unique items with unique buffs, one that i am interested in is called “Personal ARC” Personal Automated Refillable Canteen.