Looking for Experienced Coders For Gameplay or Networking for World War 2 Survival Game

Hello everyone.

We’re developing “Our Ghosts of War” and are looking for one coder to help us organize our netcode and a second coder experienced with gunplay. The game has been in development since last November and we’re finally in a place where we can use more coding muscle. Here is our current test map. We need someone to help us get running around on this map. Our gameplay coder would be working exclusively on gunplay with key members of the team in order to make firefights historically authentic while still satisfying and fun to play. Our budget is limited but we’re willing to work out an upfront payment + backend royalty combo deal with if that works for you. There are currently 15 people working on the game. You would be the last two that we bring on. Please send us a PM with your contact information if you’re interested in learning more. Thank you for your time.

More information:

Still looking.

Looking for a coder to help integrate Marketplace plug-ins and blueprints into our project. Shoot us a message if you think you’d be up to the task.

A bit more detail would be nice :slight_smile:

  • “organize our netcode”
    – C++ or Blueprints? How advanced do you need, as in, better client-side prediction than default one (with custom packeted data sent back and forth) or you just need everything to work
    – Server type? Dedicated / P2P ?

  • “gunplay”
    – 3rd person / 1st person?
    – Need to build shooting and animation blueprints from scratch?

Sure. At the moment we need someone who can tackle this for us.

------Server List
------Connected Server Information
------Session Selecting
------Non-dedicated Sessions
------Steam Integration
------Online Matchmaking
------Dedicated Server Support
------Friends List
------Server Customization
------Anti-Cheating System
------Account System

Our Ghosts of War got health and other systems working!

Didn’t know Ghosts of War had food crafting.

Melee attack system WIP.

OGoW Movement Animation Set

OGoW Groin Shot Animation Set + More

Character Clothings System

Tank Firing VFX

We’re primarily looking for GAMEPLAY coders now! The position is paid!

can you send me more info about?
-Only c++ stuff or BP is ok?
-what is the pay rate proposal?
-min hours per week or free time?


My name is Sam and I am a game coder, I have done some coding in Unreal before. I am sorry, but I can’t seem to be able to PM you on this Forums unlike others. If you want to you can email me, my email is linked in my signature. My online portfolio is also included in the signature. For me pay can be negotiated if offered a position. I do have some questions though that I will include here.

  • Is it Full-Time or Part-Time?
  • How long do you think you the project will last?
  • How long has your team been working on the project?
  • Would remote work be fine?

Sorry for the extra questions, but I would like to know them. If you have any questions for me just email me. Thanks for taking the time to email me.


I think we can do this for you, what is the start date and deadline date for your project? I work with Digital Shock, more info about us at or feel free to email me at Thanks!

Hello hello. Hiring one new gameplay coder for this project. Please shoot us a PM if you’re interested.

Hello pixel perfect,
I am a gameplay programmer with two years of professional experience in unreal engine. I have a mini project which hits a few of your key points. On that same note I have an extensive knowledge for A.I , networking and pathfinding experience as well. Which will push the project along smoothly. I would love to be apart of your team and see this project launch

Gameplay Programmer

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