Looking for experienced C++ tutor

I’m a seasoned web developer (PHP, JavaScript, Node) getting into C++ development for the first time this year. While I have a good grasp of the basics, some things continue to challenge me: some template function syntax, using external libraries in .lib format, and some other more advanced concepts.

I am looking for an experienced C++ developer that can provide coherent explanations when I get stuck. I am willing to pay for your time, or exchange services if you would benefit from any web development tutoring. Right now I am looking for someone to explain .lib usage, so I can experiment with the VoxelFarm middleware. It would be great if I could add you on a chat application for quick questions from time to time.

I’m not trying to build any particular game, just trying to learn game development as a whole, while exploring my areas of interest (voxels).

Please PM me with your contact information and we can go from there!