Looking for developper and 3D environment artist

Hello everyone

I have been working on this project for a little while now. Unfortunately working by myself even with all the motivation, is very exhausting. I am currently looking for people who are willing to work with me.
My intention is put the game in the market if we make it to the end (steam and why not mobile store if the gameplay fits well), then we would share the revenue equally. Unfortunately, this is all I can offer , I don’t have any budget for the project.

About the project:**
General idea
Project B is aimed to give people the occasion to experience again the vibe of the arcade game. It will be challenging, have this unique and peculiar light, cheesy atmosphere so caracteristic from Japan’s pop culture in the 80’,90’s.

The gameplay will havePunchManiaas a basis, combined with rythme game. It will look like some kind of boxing game, as it consists fighting people, but use the same system as a rythme game.
I could go into detail, but I think watching the two videos would give you a better idea of my vision.

The game will take place in the 90’s, in a fictional Japan. The atmosphere will be similar to B movies, trying to be serious, but ends up being super corny and ridiculous, something over the top. We want to player to have a fun time playing the game.
The hero, Mad Rad, is an unorthodoxe police agent who only uses his fists. While they were eating in a restaurant, he and his collegue/best friend, Cool Kid get involved in a gang fight. CK dies, killed by a gang member. Seeking revenge for is friend , Mad Rad is a never-ending warpath : get rid of all gangs in the world.

Art Direction
Like I said previously, I would like to give an arcade feeling from 80-90’s, I want the game to look almost like a 2D game. The best example to illustrate my idea are Majin Station and Guilty Gear Xrd. I think this will be the most challenging part of the development.

Here is what I have done so far:

Current staff:
I am by myself for now, doing concept art (chara/env).

-3D Environment Artist

Also, if you think you can bring something on the table in other positions, feel free to contact me, I am always open.

I am not necessarly for high level professional work, but am expecting a minimum still. Please don’t forget to link your portfolio in your message. You can either PM or mail me at: