Looking for crits on a Scarface scene and a few questions regarding shaders.

Hopefully this isn’t frowned upon but I’d greatly appreciate some tips on a scene I’m working on of Al Pacino.

Left side view
Right side view
Front view
A bit further away <- I have a bit of an issue with the dust of ******* on the table here, I have them as decals however they get blurred weirdly with the reflections of the table.

Another issue here <- I have a glass material on a bottle, however the top of the bottleneck is affected by the depth of field of the distant objects, can this somehow be fixed? I’m aware I can tick “Render after DOF” in the material settings, however then it won’t be affected even when it should. Is there no solution to this perhaps?

A different angle of the character

I’d appreciate any tips or crits on how to improve the scene or the characters likeness, or what I’m doing wrong with the shaders (and lighting/composition especially, I’m absolutely terrible at those)

edit: Another issue I’m wondering about is the different FOV between programs, how do you guys deal with that. I might be sculpting something in Zbrush and it looks fine there however when I take it over to 3dsm or UE it might look quite a bit different. I’m wondering what FOV setting in UE makes it similar to a ~25 FOV in Zbrush, or if it’s something that you just get with experience and learn to work with/compensate for?

I’ve lightened the scene a bit