Looking for cooperation


I’m an active UT player (playing from the year 2000).

To help UT4 being successful good use of IRC is a must.
Quakenet is a widely used UT place to gather and play.

I am planning to make #UT4.pug a very big and active channel to provide games/news/info for all players.

I am confident having a good channel with the best service (servers/teamspeak servers/site/etc) will help growing the game to a maximum and have players keeping interested in the game because of the community.

To make this happen I am looking to combine all previous scenes (ut99/ut2k4/ut3), and gather all players to this new channel.
The reason to paste here my comment is to also really (professionally) cooperate with Epic itself to make this successfull. Cooperating this way surely will be effective: gathering American players and European players.

Please, Epic contact me so we can try to find out what we can do.
I’m just here to create an awesome community at IRC and thinking about an (old clanbase-like) war-scheduling website too.

Players, join #UT4.pug @ Quakenet and message me if you have ideas or want to help out.

Reinier aka Loque

You would be better off posting this on the UT Forums.

I am locking this thread.