Looking for Concept Artist, Blueprint Programmer, and 3D artist for an RPG [Hobby/Potential Royalty]

Unsure how to do this… So here goes. Hello, My name is Gabriel, I am currently looking for just a couple of people to help create an RPG, and hopefully expand my own knowledge of Unreal Engine.

The Specifics
The Game is currently titled “Soul Frontier” but that may change. It is a Third Person Action RPG, with some Dungeon Crawler Elements. The Player takes control of Shadow, an elemental Tasked with preventing all out war. As Shadow, the player will explore dungeons for key items (and for fun) in order to progress the story, and they shall play peacemaker between seven kingdoms.

Key Mechanics
Semi-Randomized multi level Dungeons
Unique Party System
Intriguing Story

Current Talent
Myself (Gabriel): Project Manager, Programmer, Game Designer

Talent Required

Concept Artist
-Ability to draw in the Anime Style a must.
-Ability to draw Monsters based on description a Plus

3D Artist(s)
-Ability to model Characters a plus
-Environment Modeling a Must.

-Basic knowledge of RPG’s a must.
-Either C++ or Blueprints knowledge a must. Both is ideal, but one or the other is perfectly fine.

Contact: If you’re interested, please email me or reply to this thread.


So… If you’re reading this, the project has changed slightly. Mostly it is no longer an ARPG, but rather a JRPG. Everything else is the same.