Looking for Character Artist and Animator for Halfblade

We’re a small team of professional developers hard at work on a side project called Halfblade. It’s a 3rd person action RPG with a lot of Souls and Last of Us influence. We believe games should suck you into their worlds and leave you strategizing hours after you stop playing, so we’re creating a game with intense, tactical swordplay, a dash of intrigue, and a whole lot of mood.

We’re looking for a character artist and animator to join the team. I really wish we could pay you upfront, but like the rest of us, this is a labor of love until we release. If the game seems like the kind of thing you’d like to make, and you’ve got some skills, please comment or message me your portfolio. Also if you’re not a character artist or animator but are interested in the project and have relevant skills feel free to shoot me your portfolio, we’re always looking for good talent.

I don’t have a video together of the gameplay, but we’ve made great progress, and if you’d like to see that before commiting to the project I can record one and send it to you individually.

Here’s a very very WIP shot of an environment, some concept art, and an early version of the character model I started on, just to show you the quality bar we’re looking for.

Hi mcgillchris, I have to admit 3rd person action RPG with a lot of Souls and Last of Us influence, sounds like a very interesting hybrid. Can you elaborate on what is meant by: tactical swordplay? Look forward to your response.

For sure. We have a base swordplay system similar to dark souls with some added magical abilities that increase the tatical choices in combat, as well as equipables that add element of customization to your play style. To elaborate more I’d have to get pretty specific haha.

Still a little high-level for me, but, sounds intriguing especially with the use of Magic. I’m speculating Elemental Magic? In Dragon’$ Gold, I was planning a sort of Tactical Combat that used a Roshambo-ish (ternary equal-opposite) relationship between Elements (etc: Fire/Ice/Metal) to determine Attack/Guard effect for both Hero and Monsters. I’m most likely going in he wrong direction with my assumptions… Haha. Blueprints is my forte, but, I’ve dabbled a little into UnrealEd’s Persona as Animation is of interest to me, especial Procedural Animation techniques. I want to do something interesting with Combat Animation and Controls and I’m opened to discussions. Perhaps, you can put a video together of the gameplay and send it to me individually via Private Message[COLOR=#333333] | [/COLOR]Discord[COLOR=#333333] | [/COLOR]Skype[COLOR=#333333] | [EMAIL=“”]Email.[/COLOR]