Looking for C++/UE4 Tutor [PAID]

Hey! I’m looking for someone to tutor me in C++ for UE4! I’ve got no experience in UE4, but I know my way around C++. I’ll pay up to 50 USD per hour. Hit me up on Skype if you are interested, my Skype is wilson.koder.111

Wow 50 USD per hour :open_mouth: I can learn whatever sh*t you want and teach you for that money. Just kidding but that money is really good and i know some c++ gurus on ue4 forums were being tutors for less than that money.

Yo! Got any names?

Probably because the more money you pay a person the better education they expect to get.

If im dont remember wrong rama was giving hourly supports if you pay him. I hope i dont remember wrong. You can check his threads or send pm.