Looking for Animators & Concept Artist - Half-Life Project


Hello guys!
We are creating a game called “(Half-Life: *) Beyond” and we could need some more workpower.
*(We are trying to get in contact with Valve about the game title, to be sure it’s okay.)
Beyond is based in the universe of the game titles Half-Life from Valve. Story wise it’s between HL1 and HL2.
You can catch up a little bit more about the game on Reddit:

If you don’t know anything about this game universe, let me quick explain it:
It’s a first person shooter with the focus on a great atmosphere. No cutscenes, no quicktime events, it’s only you in a broken world.

Who we need:

For rigging the meshes and animating them.
Living NPCs: Humanoid, non humanoid
Objects: Weapons
Map related objects - machines and what not.

Concept Artist
Draw concept scatches of NPCs, weapons, objects, the world, (…)

*Don’t worry if you can’t animate or draw all of these types, if you want to help, contact us! :slight_smile:

Who we are / our team (currently):

Anna S.
Concept Artist

Pierre E.
Story Writing / Game Design

Ben R.
Story Writing / Game Design

Ryan B.
Game Design

Nicklas V.
Server / SVN management

Josua K.
Sound Design / Music

Patrick W.
Sound Design / Music

Ethan O.
Sound Design / Music

Everett W.
Sound Design / Music / Programming

Michal J.
3D Artist

Bobby G.
3D Artist

Kaan D.
3D Artist

Carsten Z.

Adrian C.

Our team is really nice and friendly, the communication is great and the work we did so far is awesome!
Please note that we currently don’t have any plans to sell this game. Right now it’s a free fan made game. That means: Unpaid.
This could (doesn’t have to) change if we get in touch with Valve .

Feel free to write me an E-Mail: zarbock —at—
Or write Pierre on Reddit /u/seventeendegree
Or write me a personal message here on the unreal board.

Please include some previous work you’ve made.
Thank you.

Good news everybody!
We found 2 new animators and a new concept artist.
But we are still looking.

Additional we could need one experienced level artist.