Looking for advice!

I am new to game development. The only thing I have is a love of video games. My first game experience was playing Chopper Command on the Atari! I have a strong desire to learn something new and video game development is it. First i need some advice. I have Unreal Engine and Blender but i don’t know where to start! Should i jump right into Unreal and learn it or learn Blender first? My plan is to make a game all on my own. So far i find myself jumping between Blender and Unreal! Any wisdom you could bestow upon me would be appreciated!

Plan a reasonable project, something that you think you can accomplish (something that won’t take years), and then start working on it. When you come to something you don’t know how to do, then do research and figure out how to do it. Ultimately without having something to actually work on you won’t remember what you’re learning.

+1 for darthvipers suggestion

I would start with learning the basic of both programs. After that start with your own small project :slight_smile: -> when you are stuck with something, search for your problem with that link. You will find a solution to nearly everything :wink:

Usually people decide to make a video game by themselves, but later on, they fall in one of the positions that is needed for game development. As for myself, I first started to remake one of Battlefield 3 levels when it was out. I was so hyped to do so. When I made progress for a few months, I saw how massive the workload for creating such thing is and therefore I felt that I don’t like to learn C++/C#, rigging and animation, cinematic, audio, etc. neither I have time to learn it all and my love is for level design and lighting. I’m not saying it’s not possible to make a game on your own, it depends on the scale of your project. My point is game development falls into a lot of parts and each part into different pieces and it would take years and years to learn all aspects of it and you might even lose interest in doing so, but still depends on the scale of the game.

Hope to see you going up fast.
Good luck.

Darth, I will start small then. I was kind of shooting for the stars! Fighter i looked at your game and I am impressed. Keep up the good work! Max-Dev your portfolio is also nice! Thanks for the response fellas!

Also one more thing I would add, the UnrealEngine Youtube channel has a ton of really high quality tutorials available, there is info on how to get started with each part of the engine. Highly recommend going through them as well to get familiar with UE4’s interface and tools. :slight_smile: