Looking for a tutorial: Described in description

Hello, I Have been playing a fair few games in my life as I stream a lot of them and also I have had some games made for me. However I know MANY companies now use UNITY for most games made, However I Love Unreal and have been a paid subscriber my self when it wasn’t free but I have never managed to find any good tutorials for land creation, by land creation I mean a tutorial to make a landscape like the ones you see in “REIGN OF KINGS” “RUST” these kind of beach/island/survival mountain kind of area’s.

so could someone possibly help me out with any tutorial in unreal engine for what I have just described.

Thank you.

I would recommend first reading the official documentation if have not done so already. I use a third party tool to generate my terrain height map, the one I use is TerreSculptor however there are many others to choose from. By using this tool, I can create large realistic landscapes in seconds, then it is just a matter of importing it into unreal and decorating it. *If this doesn’t load, refresh browser

thank you for that reply, just out of curiosity do you know if these big games such as rust, reign of kings have made their landscapes with random height maps?

Mostly such landscapes were generated in programs like world machine. After that you can import it as a heightmap + you can still edit it with the landscape tool :slight_smile:

Take a look at this tutorial:

thank you for that information :slight_smile: just wondering but are their any games like what i have described made on unreal engine as nearly all of them are unity … can our engine handle these type of games? i just dont see any to be honest.

As far as I know there are no finished games like the ones that you mentioned, but in the UE4 everything is possible! -> a game like RUST shouldnt be so difficult to create (you can find some survival/crafting prototypes in the WIP, released and community content section) :slight_smile:

hmm i hope so I have been told UE4 cant handle that many people nor the size of the map. but if unity can i dont see how ue4 is that far off

people -> Theoretically there is no limit -> you can change everything in the source code
map size -> = 100 square miles :wink:

oh this seems better now :slight_smile: i actually never thought UE4 could handle but now that is explained I got to say I love UE4 even more so. :smiley:

Lets hope the graphics can kick unity’s *** … just saying would be awesome to have this released and for people to know UE4 runs it :slight_smile: I will be putting enough money behind it anyway lol now just to find a team … fun begins :slight_smile: