Looking for a tutor (Will pay)

Hey guys,

my name is Tim and I’ve been working pretty hard to learn everything I can about Unreal Engine 4. I’ve ran into a few snags here and there, and a few things have just completely confused me when it comes to Blueprints. I’m looking for someone who is a master at Blueprints, and can teach me how to implement some concepts I want to learn that I’ll be applying to my own game one day.

If anyone is interested could you please email me at, or reply to this thread how I may contact you. Thank you.

Here is my list of YouTube tutorials. Starting with basics:

  1. How to start - Chess (part 1)
  2. How to start - Chess (part 2)
  3. Dynamic Materials
  4. UMG (part 1) Radiobuttons
  5. UMG (part 2) Save, Load, Apply Graphics
  6. Character (part 1) Strafes, Death
  7. Character (part 2) Respawn, Crouching, Punching
  8. Character (part 3) Physics & interactions, collisions

You can add me on steam if you want, and Ill help you out if you run into problems. I dont need any payment or anything.

I sent you an email :slight_smile: