Looking for a test project to test performance in Gear VR

Since I haven’t had luck getting any response for a Gear VR dev in Looking for Talent section, I am wondering if I get lucky in the heart of VR devs hangouts :slight_smile:

It was relatively easy to setup, build and deploy test project for Gear VR using Unity 5 (thanks to Oculus providing Unity Utils with test template scenes and scripts). But I am having hard time wrapping my head around UE4 VR stuff just to be able to test performance in Gear VR.

I am looking for a template project, the one I can open on UE4, build, deploy and test. Just want to be able to looks around scene for now being in Gear VR and quit using return button (no movement or anything else is needed at this time). I just want to be able to test art assets of various complexity, while learning art assets workflow in UE4.

Does anyone have such a template handy (I assume for UE4.10 with mobile SDK 1.0 beta) and willing to share (and explain how to get it from ground up running on Gear VR)?

Thanks beforehand.

So, no one has any test project to share ? I am wondering if making it [PAID] will improve things a bit :slight_smile:

Here is a project a Epic employee posted back at the beginning of gearvr development that I imported and stripped down for 4.10

pretty simple demo showing some different mobile ‘lighting’ effects

Thanks a bunch! Now I am wondering if there are up to date docs on how to build for Gear VR with 4.10 ?

Btw, I tried e-mailing you from your website, but submission form doesn’t appear to work :frowning:

Documentation for packaging and exporting for gearvr:

PS: Thanks for the tip about the website :wink: