Looking for a Project Manager with a Proven Track Record!


We’re a small start up and we’re looking for someone who knows the ropes! We’d like to consult with someone that has extensive knowledge in all things UE4. This will be on an as-needed basis, with Skype / Email being the primary means of communication. I estimate a few hours a week during heads-down development, with bursts of 10-20 hours in a week (possibly more) between sprints.

We’re hitting the ground running with a modest but bold project, and we need someone who can help guide the project to deadlines with their vast knowledge and expertise. You’ll be doing anything from answering questions to looking at the project itself and recommending optimizations, the next course of action, etc.

An ideal candidate knows UE4 very well, and can answer (at least in a general sense) questions from pausing the game, the game’s menu, dialog / quests, etc. to cut-scenes and cueing music at the right time. I don’t expect this person to go in and develop all of this (bonus points if they can, plus more paid hours), but rather to have a good enough understanding to guide us when we have a hurdle to overcome.

The project itself is a story-driven RPG with very dark undertones and a creepy vibe. There will, of course, be a lot of cut-scenes, combat, magic, and a lot of other things you’ll find in a staple RPG.

Please send a resume plus sample projects to and include your desired hourly rate.

Thanks for reading, feel free to email or respond here with any questions!