Looking for a programmer to handle json data files


We have json files containing variables for a whole lot of coordinates. We want to use the variable and update their value when the player is moving around the world.

Reading and interpreting json is beyond our knowledge, so if anyone feel they could accomplish it, please let us know.

Note : We had a working prototype for reading the json files using unity (C#), but for many reasons we switched over to Unreal. That could still be of use as a reference on how to interpret the data.

If you are interested, please email Marc at :

We require you to have a look at the data and confirm you will be able to use it before we talk about going forward.

Thanks so much!

Note 2 : We are very flexible so feel free to let us know how you’d like the work to be handled in terms of royalty vs payment.

Why not use UE4’s Replication Character Movement?

Unreal Engine 4 already contains a JSON reader / writer.