Looking for a mentor in MAYA for creation of UE4 assests

Hello my name is Brandon I’m 27 and from Australia I’m currently learning Maya as a beginner and moving through all the program’s that are used from level and character design such as Zbrush ect before moving onto university/college as I want to get a step ahead before begining , I’m looking for a person that would like to teach me starting with Maya using skype and shared screens, I have a series of websites that I watch videos tuts on and I find that you really cant ask questions that a one on one would have,

So if you feel like making a new friend and to part your wisdom on others please message me.


Contact Infomation:
Skype : live:brandonsxbox
Email :

Youtube is a good place to start. I would help if I knew more about maya. Its aprogram I really need to get back into myself.