Looking for a laptop that supports UE4

So I was thinking of buying a laptop, specifically the razer blade.
My questions is I am looking to purchase a computer but I use UE4 with c++ to work on a video game I am currently building. I would like to be able to also test thr video game using standalone mode and also be able to package the game and test it that way if needed. I am currently use a 1080Ti, in my main computer to do this. Will I see a difference in performance if I try to build my game with this laptop and will I have a pleasant experience using UE4 with this laptop?

Intel® HD Graphics 620 isn’t ideal, try to find a laptop with at least a GTX 1060. Should be able to find a laptop with one for that same price as the Razer.

I have the Acer Helios 300 which is pretty nice for UE4 C++ dev and the same price as the one you’re looking at:

just to chime in on the 620, i have a surfacebook 2 15", it has a 620 and a 1060 in it. the 620 gets around 7 fps vs the 1060 that gets 90fps in the same scene. in a new project with default map, the 620 gets around 45 fps, it really struggles to do anything 3d.