Looking for a guide or a chart for surface type settings

Hi. I tried searching the web to see if there are any surface type presets but with no success. I have never played with game design physics before, and I did not take any physics courses in school or collage. So all these properties that I need to know about is like giving a person a bowl of soup, but with no spoons anywhere to be found or given. Can anyone here help me out? I trying to develop a billiards game, so i need to set my physics material for table to be felt, and the balls behave like marble. I know the surface needs to be smooth but not slippery like ice, and the balls needs to have a little latency for the ball to stop rolling based on how hard the ball collides with other balls. So far I have added an impulse to the pool stick, but it either causes the balls to barely move, or if I add too much impulse, the pool stick just goes flying across the room. So basically I am getting nowhere near a happy medium. Any help would be appreciated.

Once you get hungry enough you’ll realize you need no spoons.

You can’t expect this to work in unreal off the built in hack of a physX implementation they put together.
Or Chaos for that matter.
Though maybe chaos eventually could work.
And you could manhandle the PhysX hackjob for your specific purpose.

You have to implement better physics, or create the physics system yourself.
There are a few SDK options to look at too.
As well as custom Nvidia builds you could implement based on their stuff

IF you look hard enough you can find implemented versions too… You just can’t expect them to work.

Now all that said, if you are intent in just using whatever the engine provides.

Google UE4 PhysMat
Google SubStep

And come to terms with the fact that the physics simulation will always be unstable.