Looking for a book about common engine code

Okay great! I’ve spent massive time looking for good code books about c++ alot of them have wasted me time with the most horrible explanations and lack of explanation just with a 3 page copy and paste code…(geez headache already darn c++ for dummies lol). But fortunately by the grace of god I’ve found a great book which thought me about Object orientated programming where I may look at the documentation and say cool(*kind of). Only thing was left out was template programming which has it’s own 400 page book I have to read. I explain this to my fellow game developers(the cool ones :cool: ) because I don’t want to go down that road again which wasted a lot of time for books that were okay then broke down horrible at the end. Right now I’m looking for a book where I’ll be used to game engines common variables, function members and etc. So that I may use the skills I learn besides looking through tutorials or what someone else did. To be clear and for example, when I look through the docuemntation about controller input I don’t want to have to read a tutorial to know that I have two members called float something(amount) to set up movement. Because as far as I know without the book I wouldn’t have known to go to the controller variable in apawn or actor to create a if statement.

Thought’s opinions and insight greatly wanted.