Looking for 3D Modeler, Animator, Artist/Concept Artist, and Programmer

First let me introduce myself, my name is Zayne and I am 17 years-old high school student.

I am a beginner in Unreal Engine and pretty much developing in general… but I have to drive to learn and learning more and more each day.

I am looking to form a small team that can help me develop a game that I have been thinking about for a while.

The title of the game is WIP, but it is a Singleplayer Survival with a slight RPG aspect to it. In the game you start out in the woods just trying to survive by raiding abandoned camps, log cabins, and anything else you come across. You will have to survive enemies such as bandits that are either setup in camps or roaming around the woods. Now you can choose not to do this and go after villagers in the game that have setup but you it will have consequences by a karma system. Not only will you have to survive that but as well animals and the harsh weather that can come your way. I am hoping if I can to add base building into the game, but that isn’t a major aspect in the game that I want. As well to help you survive you can craft many things, like fur coats to help you through the winter. The RPG aspect will be the EXP system which you can learn perks to also help you survive, now there could be a learning system built into it if the base building system is added.

If you are even interested in helping then you can email me at

I can answer your questions and if you like what you hear then we can start working

Again I am a beginner and learning more and more (I’m a quick learner), but hope you can bare with me on some things and are willing to help even though my experience is low.

Thanks and hope you consider working on the project with me and creating this game into something real.

*Also have a forum about this posted I think yesterday, but had too many things that it did not need in it, so recreating it to make it a bit more appealing to the eye.

I can make a simplyfied model from a concept-art and texture it. Someone elese will have to “adapt” it for game.