Looking for 3D artist to join me for the Epic MegaJam

Hi there, as the title implies I’m looking for an artist to join me on the UE4 mega jam. I personally have quite a bit of experience with UE4, have been working on my own title solo on and off for around a year or so now. The team would just be the two of us, I would focus on programming, you would focus on creating some art to go along with the game.

If you’re interested, shoot me your portfolio and we can chat.

Hey, Im a 3D artist and have a little BP skills and some sequencer skills. Latest project for work is here
I would like to do more characters though because it has been a while since I have gotten to work on one (I can rig and skin them for re-targeting). Hope this Jam has a horror theme.
Let me know if you are interested in possibly working together. You work in BP or code?

Forgot my email is for contact