Looking For 2D Artists & 3D Character Artists - Unlimited, "A better version of Minecraft"

Project Title:

Basically, I’m aiming for a better version of Minecraft, and I believe I can do that, just need some help :slight_smile:
I’m doing this 100% for my fun, and I expect someone that is helping me to do that for fun, and not for money. When the game will release and if we will get some $ we will devide it for sure.

Some things that I have done:

  • Infinite World Generator: Trees, Ores, Block Layers, No Caves / Biomes Yet.
  • Blocks Placing, 50% Blocks Breaking(Tools are not ready yet but it basically works).
  • Inventory + Hotbar + Crafting System(The Same As In minecraft).
  • Redstone & Weapons & Tools Should Be Ready in The Next Few Days!

Team Structure:
Tbjbu2 (Not my real name but I would perfer you call me TB or Tbjbu2) - Project Creator
Project Managment, Programming & Game Design ~1-2 weeks (the time I started this project).

Talent Required:
2D Artist
Expected to create textures for blocks(Less important), textures for creatures, icons for items(Most important at the moment), menu designs and some more stuff like that.

3D Character Artist
Dont need to be that good at it! I can even do the models myself(made of cubes so not hard), just need someone to animate them.
But if you are good at it I will be more than happy to have you, so we can maybe not use cubes for models, but I wouldnt mind too much.
Experience with at least one animation program (Maya, Blender…) required.
Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & monsters.

Discord: Tbjbu2#8639